His Grace is sufficient

His Grace is sufficient


Someone once said that there is Grace for womanhood and I agree with this a hundred percent. I mean a woman gets to do so many things and play so many roles in a lifetime it’s almost like women are superheroes. A woman is an incubator, an intercessor birthing nations in the place of prayer, she is a line of defense, a being of purpose and so much more. But I have also come to see that in this calling, the woman is never alone. Faithful is He who has given her such a high calling.

Having so much to do every single day, striking a balance gracefully and staying strong can be tough but I have realized that if every woman can begin to focus on the needful thing- fellowship with her Lord and not on the seemingly more important activities of life, she can always find Strength in the place of genuine and consistent intimacy Him. Getting to do it all by your strength is not convenient at all because in this kingdom we live in, we prevail by Grace and not by physical Strength.

A Lord is someone who has sovereign and absolute authority over you. His Word is final over your life and your will is totally His. You are His responsibility and all that concerns you concerns him but only in the place of your total obedience. Jesus not only saved us but became our Lord the very day we surrendered to Him. There is so much Grace that abounds to a woman as she soaks in daily the glory of her Lord in the place of consistent Fellowship. In this place, instructions come to her per time on how to raise godly children, she daily receives insight on how to be a blessing to others, drawing joy everyday from the well of salvation she learns to put one foot after another at the leading of her Lord knowing fully well that He owns her and loves her with an everlasting Love.

God is asking us daily to sit at His feet and learn of Him. Trying to do it all in our own strength is not always convenient. It just as absurd as a branch detaching from the tree and trying to grow all by itself.  Let us come to that understanding that of our own we can do nothing. Why call Him Lord when he has no say in the way your life runs. Give him His rightful place Lady and yield to His prompting in the understanding that you no longer have a will of your own.

Written By

Tolulope Oga


2 thoughts on “His Grace is sufficient

  1. … she is a line of defense, a being of purpose …
    Trying to do it all in our own strength is not always convenient.

    Absolutely right, Tolu.
    God bless you.

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