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                                 IT IS TIME TO BE SINCERE WITH GOD

                                 IT IS TIME TO BE SINCERE WITH GOD


There’s a whole lot going on in life and many times we have our share of life’s drama. We get to a point in life where we face challenges, storms arise, and oceans rage and then it looks like we’re going to sink. We have dark shades in our lives, tears on our pillows and stories we’re not proud to tell. We go out looking well dressed with smiles that could melt a heart, yet we have a lot of things concealed on the inside of us just like we have it concealed on our faces.

We have our pictures portraying a happy child, yet the very core matters that affect us stare at us in the face. We lie to the world that we’re happy which is nothing to debate because you don’t look like what you’re going through but the worst part of it all is that we lie to God even when He obviously knows the tiniest details of our lives, even the ones we seem to have forgotten. Actually there is no point carrying long faces around so the whole world would know that there are issues we’re dealing with but it’s really painful seeing beautiful faces with ugly cases. God wants us to be whole both on the inside and on the outside and the first step to achieving that is being sincere with God.

Being open with God is one thing believers find difficult which is quite baffling. There should be no other person we should be more open to than our maker. Really we find it interesting gisting and chatting with our friends which is really good but it’ll be really better if we convert that energy to talking with God with all openness. Come to think of it, He made us, fashioned us into that very person that we are, He understands everything about us, sometimes which we don’t even understand, that’s why being sincere with Him is really beneficial to us. It really makes no sense hiding from the one who understands you and would go any length to make sure you’re fine. One of the reasons why we find it really difficult opening up to God is that we have not come to understand that God is our friend and we can tell Him about ANYTHING because in actual sense He knows EVERYTHING.

Most of the time when someone finds it difficult to open up to another fellow, they have really not come to trust the person, we ask questions like wouldn’t she tell another person what i just told her?, wouldn’t she think I’m a bad person to have such thoughts on my mind? and a lot of other things we’re scared of because we can’t really trust the person’s heart and actions. If we really believe that our lives belong to God,we must learn to trust God with everything. He loves you too much to take your life for granted.

Sometimes it’s advisable to quit the routine mode of conversation with God and talk to Him like a friend when we find ourselves in challenging situations. Tell him sincerely about that guy you like, that lady you’re jealous of, that friend you’re mad at, God won’t beat you up, He’ll only help you deal with it. There’s too much going on in life not to be a praying lady, praying about anything and everything. Open up! God loves you just the way you are and will never condemn you because “there is therefore now no condemnation to them who are in Christ who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit”.




It’s the last week in February!

Are you not grateful for how far He has kept you?

The confessions for this week are hinged on Romans 8:31-32
God is always for me; therefore nothing can succeed against me!
God is always on my side; therefore I have the victory in every area of my life!
I know God loves me because He didn’t spare His only son, and with Him
He has given me all things!
I have all that I need because I have Jesus! He is my wisdom, healer,
deliverer, financier….I have received Him and everything else is
God will take the stumbling blocks in my path and turn them to
stepping stones because He loves me!
God will exalt every valley, make every mountain and hill low, make
the crooked way straight and the rough places plain because He loves
I enjoy my life because I know God loves me!




One of the things that make for a great relationship is lack of secrecy, when there are no skeletons lurking in the shadows or cupboards of your lives, you will enjoy peace of mind in your relationship; but just like in everything in life, there should be a balance.

I heard an unfortunate story that prompted this post, a lady and a guy were in a relationship, they loved each other dearly and planned to get married in fact, the guy had already proposed and of course she said yes. They were both born again and even though the lady had led a questionable life before she became born again, her past only made her love God more. The guy had been born again all his life, you know the I-grew-up-in-the-church type who obviously loves God, very active in church and holds several offices. When the guy decided that he wanted to marry this particular lady, not everyone was excited but he said he knew his conviction and the lady made sure he knew about her past and that she had not been good all her life. The guy said the past was past and they should look towards the future together.

One beautiful day, they had just been on a date and he was going to drop her at home when the lady saw an old acquaintance, the dude was looking rough and unkempt but they hugged and exchanged pleasantries, she introduced him to her fiancé and he left. On their way, he asked who the guy was and she said he was an old boyfriend from her past; she then began to tell him the kind of life they used to live, drugs, wild sex and partying none stop. She ended her narrative by saying “He knows every inch of my body”.

The guy dropped her off at home but broke off the relationship a few days later, his reason was that he always knew she had a rough past but he could not get past the fact that someone else knew every inch of her body as she so succinctly put it.

The question is where did she go wrong, was she wrong  for talking about her past? No. Did she say more than was necessary or she was supposed? Yes. The bible says “wisdom is profitable to direct” and “there is a time to speak and a time to shut up”. What if she had stopped at “He’s and old boyfriend from my past”; the guy knew she had a sordid past and was still ready to marry her but when he gave her the details, he couldn’t get past it. Some might say the guy is immature and selfish but the lady was not wise as well.

As I stated earlier, there is balance to everything in life, you have to know what to say, when to say and how to say but above all else, we have the holy spirit who will always teach and guide us in all things if we let him, that is wisdom.

Written By Jesuseun Adebo. Worshipper, writer and a blogger who is passionate about impacting lives in unusual ways. Read more of her work here

Dear Christian Wife

Dear Christian Wife


“For your royal husband delights in your beauty; honour him, for he is your Lord. ” Psalms 45:11 (NLT)

I see you, I know you have fire for the lord. I SEE you and feel your desire to please the Lord. You spend endless hours in the house of God, doing what you believe is the right thing.

You value your pastors opinion over that your husbands.

In fact your pastors wife has more wisdom than your husband and she has said when you are fasting you should consecrate yourself to God, so no sex while fasting.

Your church says you should cover your hair, not wear trousers and not use extensions you do as they say but your husband desires that you do the opposite.

Be warned God is not mocked whatever you sow so shall you reap.

Your husband is your head and your Lord, If that statement alone makes you angry that is the spirit of jezebel at work. Trust me I have been there before.

Once you are married only your husband has the right to tell you what and what not to do. Let’s go to the word of God; the one time Sarah told Abraham what to do look at the disaster it caused, Ishmael was born. Why am I even going to that story lets start from the beginning when Eve told Adam what to do, look at the outcome. The world is still suffering from their self taught wisdom.

God created men to be kings and priests in their homes let them be! I see you spiritual mama; but once you are home with your family submit to your husband. You cannot be more holy than your husband.

There is an anointing on their head for Leadership, just keep praying for them to make the right decisions. It’s not easy but God will give you wisdom.

If your husband says he is too tired to go to church it’s ok to have service at home while he heads the service, God is everywhere.

Don’t always think you are the holiest one in the relationship just because you think or even see your husband do things that are not Christian like. They answer to God not you. You should not disrespect them with the excuse of trying to tell them off when they do wrong. Stop it.

Be submissive does not mean to be a slave; it means to be respectful, to understand and accept that your husband is Lord over you.

Except it is against THE WORD OF GOD (not your pastor, prophet or parents) whatever your husband says is right! It is only the word of God that remains the same, beware of teachers, preachers, prophets and false men of God that say they heard the spirit of God. Check every advice with the word of God. Your husband comes first! If it’s 4pm and you are still in church since 8am; if your husband is not the pastor you have no business in the church go home and cook for your husband.

Men like to be serviced, pampered and catered for. Take care of your man. Don’t give another woman access into your home.

Wisdom wisdom wisdom get wisdom!




Good morning beautiful lady!

This is our confession for the week.

This week I decree the heavens are opened over me, I operate in the realm of possibilities

I’m kept from.evil and I excel in all things

In Christ I am anointed and a powerful person of God.

I am a joint-heir with Jesus and more than a conqueror.
I am a doer of the Word of God and a channel for His blessings.
If God be for me, who can be against me?
I am blessed coming in and I am blessed Going out.
We hope you have an amazing week ahead!
Navigating the Teenage Years With your Child

Navigating the Teenage Years With your Child


SMART PHONE, FOOLISH CHRISTIANChildren could be a handful and many times we can’t wait until they grow up.  At least they won’t have to be fed, carried or bed wet as they used to.

After some years, you begin to notice the growth spurts in your  child. Ah! You feel some rush of adrenaline. Your little boy or girl is growing. But these physical changes are also accompanied by a lot of emotional and behavioural changes.

At this stage your son or daughter is in transition. He’s not quite a child nor quite an adult. You may even begin to wonder where that sweet child of yours is. In an attempt to prove they are all grown, he or she can become daring, disrespectful and do things that are outright dangerous or irresponsible. Again they want to push their limits and test their boundaries. You will observe that in the title of this article I used the word “navigating ” I had other choices such as “coping “. But the word navigating makes the teenage years look more like a journey while coping makes it sound like something to be endured. I believe our attitude as parents can make or mar the period for us and our teenagers. Once you see that period as one in which there will be chaos and rebellion ..with your child, your actions will likely be ….

At this time, you need to listen more. I dare say for most people, this is a very difficult skill. Most people will rather talk than listen. But if your teen knows you’re listening to him, it is more likely that he will likely listen more. For him it is important that you treat him with respect and one of the best ways to do this is to listen. Don’t get me wrong, listening to them does not mean you have to tag along with their whims and do everything they want. . What it does is to show that you acknowledge him as a rational being who is entitled to his own views. The advantage of listening to him is that when it is time for you to talk, he also will feel more obliged to listen. Ensure that you do not always talk down at them. Be honest and open in your conversation with them.

Never try to create an impression of an infallible parent to them because you are not. And they will find out soon enough. Be sure that when they do find out, they will lose the respect they have for you. Own up when you make mistakes and apologise when you are wrong.  Letting your child know that you have your areas of struggle makes you more real. But don’t stop at that, let them see that you are making efforts to overcome in those areas. It serves as an encouragement for them to also admit or own up to their.own personal struggles and do their best to work towards a change.

Be a model of the virtues you want your teenager to replicate. It is lack of integrity to demand a behaviour from your child while you exhibit exactly the opposite.

Be a parent. What this means is that you must be firm when need be. Don’t dance to your child’s tune. Set boundaries and insist that they are kept. If you want your child to always be happy with you then something is probably wrong.

Show your child unconditional love. Love that does not depend on whether he performs or meets your expectations. This is tough but with God’s help and your determination, it is possible.

Don’t always come to your child’s rescue. When he does something wrong it is better to allow him face the consequences of his actions rather than bail him out. It is better the child learns this early enough and know that he will have to take responsibility for all of his actions. Don’t leave the child all alone let him still know you care and can always find a support in you. Even when we fail God He chastises us but also picks us up and showers His love on us such that we can continue our walk with Him.

You may need to seek the help of a a friend, counsellor or some other professionals in certain cases that you are unable to handle. Don’t feel ashamed to seek help. Truth is we all have our areas of struggle.

To your parenting success.

Folasade Adejoorin

A mother,teacher,administrator, counselor and author. She is passionate about helping parents raise godly children in Christian homes.




Managing money God’s way

Managing money God’s way


I have always dreamed of living a life free from financial struggles with all my needs perfectly met and at the same time use my money to the glory of God. Yes you probably may have dreamt of such too but truth is, many a times we all fall short; we are guilty of selfish living, we prefer to cat walk in our Louis Vuitton shoes rather than finance a helpless child through school, we are so concerned about our personal growth and development than that of our neighbour, we are quick to forget that we are blessed not just to feel or look blessed alone but also to be a blessing.

Some of us live by the motto “I have got it, I must spend it. If I want it, then I must have it. I suffered before getting it, so it’s for me alone.” Well while it’s not bad to satisfy the desires of our heart, it’s good to always remember to touch lives. If God blesses us, it’s not for ourselves only, it’s to be used for his glory. How much money you have really does not matter, what matters is honouring God with it in whatever you do. Here are a few practical tips.

  • Remembering God is your source: “And God is able to make all grace abound towards you; that ye, always having sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.” (2 Corinthians 9:8) God is the source of anything in your life including your money, rest in knowing that every of your need he will surely supply.
  • Tithing: Yea we have heard this over and over again, but this is part of God’s commands (Malachi 3:10, Proverbs 3:9). Tithing is essential for our financial growth and it’s a major way of keeping God first in our lives.
  • Giving: Give and it shall be given unto you (Luke 6:38). We all know the story of Lazarus and the rich man in the bible (Luke 16:19-24), the problem wasn’t that he was rich, the problem was that he was selfish, greedy, and didn’t use his wealth to help others. He didn’t care for poor Lazarus. Giving is about making sacrifices for others and deferring ourselves of something’s so others can benefit from it (1Timothy 6:7).
  • Saving: “There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise, but a foolish man spendeth it up.” (Proverbs 21:20) The Bible backs up saving and gives us principles on saving money (Proverbs 22:3, Proverbs 22:7, Psalm 37:21).
  • Contentment: Learn to live a simple life, live within your means, be content with what you have and you will enjoy the peace that comes with it (1Timothy 6:6-8). Your self worth is not based on how many things you can accumulate or people you can impress, it based on who He says you are.




I don’t know if this happens to everyone but I have noticed that there is this special feeling that comes with making a new friend. You want to always call them, chat and visit. In fact you just always want to be around them.The same thing applies to when you first enter a relationship, the love is on the highest level with emotions raging wild, you always have a lot of things to talk about, you don’t want to offend each other, you always want to be the best for the other person because you are in a love relationship.

Then you get married and all the feelings and emotions seemingly ‘disappear’ that does not mean you leave such marraige. You have to stay and make things interesting again. The truth is that when you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior you entered into a love relationship with Him and for most believers  immediately after salvation, our love for Christ was deep, we always wanted to be in the presence of God, we could spend hours worshiping and praising God. We were just excited about being christians.

The relationship was a new experience and that sometimes came with goose pimples and tears running down your face. That feeling made you know you are in God’s presence but as you grow in Christ, you will learn that God’s presence is not hinged on our feelings and emotions. There will be days when you will enter into your secret place to talk to your Father and you won’t feel anything in fact the only feeling you will feel is not to do it but, because we know that it is not about the way we feel we still go ahead and worship. Our spiritual sense becomes more developed beyond our physical senses or situations around us and we enter into the presence of the father with or without the feelings. There will come a time or the time might be here already when you will not feel like praying, worshiping or studying the word but because you have gotten to a point in that love relationship with the Father where you are not ruled by the physical senses you do it anyway.

The truth of the matter is that we must never allow our love relationship with the Lord to be ruled by feelings and emotions. God is a constant we are the variables and our walk with him cannot be built on our variability. What separates matured Christians from babes is that our love for the Father is based on decisions and not feelings, a decision to always fellowship with him even when everything around us is screaming for us not to.So next time you don’t feel like praying,pray anyways, next time you don’t feel like studying the word please do all you can to study anyways, the next time you raise your hands to worship and your eyes are dry never for once doubt that your worship is not touching the heart of your father. Don’t forget to keep in mind that the Holy Spirit is our ever present help in time of help he will strengthen you.

Written by:

Yejide Okungbaye

I  am a final year medical student.I love the Lord and i believe that Jesus Christ is the central theme of Christianity.




Hello Beautified Lady, this morning we are decreeing massive increase, honor and glory upon our loves. Whoop!

Are you ready to join us? Just read the confessions for the week. They are taken from Job 22: 18-29

The Lord fills my household with good things!
He takes the counsel of the wicked far from me!
The righteous see it and rejoice with me!
My substance is not cut down. By the reason of God’s presence living in me, that which HE has placed in my hands is massively expanded and yields forth prosperity, greatness, honor and glory!
The peace of God abounds with me and my household!
The Almighty is my defence, He delights in me!
When I open up my mouth to pray He hears me speedily and whatsoever I decree is established unto me and His light shines upon my way!
When men are cast down, then I will be lifted up. I declare that there is a lifting for me this week and always!




I subscribed to the Beautified blog and took my time to read through the different segments, it wasn’t long before I started “hmmm-ing” and nodding to the rhema revealed in the topics shared.
The topic that really struck a cord in my being was the one Funto shared on “Who Are You?”
I could relate in so many ways.

This time last year, my life was taking a downward spiral course, it seemed like everything was going under. All the things I had that seemed to give me a sense of identity and worth were falling apart one by one.

I was working in a bank, I had a fat salary, I had a car, I was engaged and soon to be married; life was grand.

All of a sudden, things changed.

There was an issue with someone in another branch (story for another day, lol) but it affected me, so I was relieved of my job.
The engagement fell apart few months to the agreed wedding date. I also lost some money and my car. It was as though my life could not get any worse.

Little did I know that these were God’s way of saving me from disaster.

Before that period, I wasn’t walking closely with God, I had let go of His hand, telling Him I could take care of myself. I had made decisions and compromises at the expense of my walk with God. I was in a relationship that i had no business being in as a Christian, wallowing in self-deceit under the guise of “nobody is perfect, you can always work it out “. Exerting much energy without getting any positive result, swimming against a tide that clearly wanted to go in another direction.

It wasn’t until I realised how far from God I had wandered and I retraced my steps back to Him that He saved me and opened my eyes to all the signs He showed me in dreams and reality but I refused to see or listen.

I was carried away with a deceptive container with the wrong content and had depended on the things i had to define me. I wasn’t a Banker anymore, I wasn’t someone’s fiancee. I wasn’t a car owner. I didn’t have money. All my security fell through. Then I asked myself, “so now,  who am I?”

I thank God for His love and grace, that pulled me back, restored me and opened my eyes to who I am.

Revelations 5:10 And hast made us unto God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.

I am made by Divine design. I have been made with gifts and traits and a genetic combination that no one else has. No one in all ages of the world has ever been me. And no one will.

God created me in His own image and gave me the ability to reign on earth. It doesn’t matter the circumstances surrounding you at any given time, always see yourself as God sees you.
Celebrate the fact that God had made each tiny part of you unique, special, one-of-a-kind.
Discover the wonder of a woman God created you to be. Enjoy the little things that make you special. What a rare and precious treasure you are to God. You can give the world some things that no one else can in the same way.

The perception of who I am is crucial to my walk with God. As a royal priesthood, I am an embodiment of Beauty, Power and Royalty. I am an epitome of God’s glory. I am created in the very image and likeness of God. All things created, visible and invisible are under my feet.

The nature of royalty as given to me by God must reflect in my appearance and discussion. Thank God for the awesome creative work He has done as He made me who I am!

Meditate:1 Peter 2:9-10

The truth is, no matter how far those pretty feet have wandered, the Father is always ready with open arms to take you back. It’s not too late Princess, return and be restored.

P.S : Author would like to be anonymous.

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