Quick remedies every mom should know

Quick remedies every mom should know



As mothers, one thing we need to know like the back of our hands are easy solutions to little things our babies go through. Although it is important to note that we should avoid giving our babies drugs without the help of a medical doctor, simple natural remedies always help when the complaint isn’t so serious.

Here are a few that would come in handy.

  • Honey: (raw unprocessed honey) a teaspoon every night will help with your child’s immunity. Honey also helps with cough. Mix it with grounded and sieved bitter kola (òrógbò). You can give your child until the cough disappears or reduce to once daily or twice weekly as the cough disintegrates.  Please do not give honey to children below two years honey. 
  • Shea butter (òrí): raw unprocessed òrí is not only good for the skin but helps clears phlegm in the chest and cold from the nostrils. Just apply in a massage motion on the chest, rib cage and back. This is suitable for all ages even babies.
  • For babies below 12 months use hot water and towel to massage chest their rib cage, back and bridge of nose to help with blocked nose. Then use nose aspirator to unclog nostrils.
  • For children below 2 years, use Robb to massage under their foot and wear socks for them at night this will stop that croaky cough at night.
  • Ginger tea is another remedy for cough. Grate or grind fresh ginger, pour in a cup of hot water for about 10-20 minutes and let it mix properly. Give a table spoon. This is strictly for children above 2 years
  • Always wear layered clothing so you can remove pieces as the weather get warmer in the day.
  • Wearing socks at night during cold season is actually important as cold gets into the body faster from under the feet.
  • People don’t know this but it is actually better to avoid giving children below 6 years cough syrup.

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Tosin Opara

One thought on “Quick remedies every mom should know

  1. Thank you very much Tosin,this was quite insightful.Mothers should also note that some children are more susceptible to cold than others especially at night.Keep your children warm at night especially children under two years.They might develop a little heat rash but its better its heat rash than for it to be a bad cold.

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