I subscribed to the Beautified blog and took my time to read through the different segments, it wasn’t long before I started “hmmm-ing” and nodding to the rhema revealed in the topics shared.
The topic that really struck a cord in my being was the one Funto shared on “Who Are You?”
I could relate in so many ways.

This time last year, my life was taking a downward spiral course, it seemed like everything was going under. All the things I had that seemed to give me a sense of identity and worth were falling apart one by one.

I was working in a bank, I had a fat salary, I had a car, I was engaged and soon to be married; life was grand.

All of a sudden, things changed.

There was an issue with someone in another branch (story for another day, lol) but it affected me, so I was relieved of my job.
The engagement fell apart few months to the agreed wedding date. I also lost some money and my car. It was as though my life could not get any worse.

Little did I know that these were God’s way of saving me from disaster.

Before that period, I wasn’t walking closely with God, I had let go of His hand, telling Him I could take care of myself. I had made decisions and compromises at the expense of my walk with God. I was in a relationship that i had no business being in as a Christian, wallowing in self-deceit under the guise of “nobody is perfect, you can always work it out “. Exerting much energy without getting any positive result, swimming against a tide that clearly wanted to go in another direction.

It wasn’t until I realised how far from God I had wandered and I retraced my steps back to Him that He saved me and opened my eyes to all the signs He showed me in dreams and reality but I refused to see or listen.

I was carried away with a deceptive container with the wrong content and had depended on the things i had to define me. I wasn’t a Banker anymore, I wasn’t someone’s fiancee. I wasn’t a car owner. I didn’t have money. All my security fell through. Then I asked myself, “so now,  who am I?”

I thank God for His love and grace, that pulled me back, restored me and opened my eyes to who I am.

Revelations 5:10 And hast made us unto God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.

I am made by Divine design. I have been made with gifts and traits and a genetic combination that no one else has. No one in all ages of the world has ever been me. And no one will.

God created me in His own image and gave me the ability to reign on earth. It doesn’t matter the circumstances surrounding you at any given time, always see yourself as God sees you.
Celebrate the fact that God had made each tiny part of you unique, special, one-of-a-kind.
Discover the wonder of a woman God created you to be. Enjoy the little things that make you special. What a rare and precious treasure you are to God. You can give the world some things that no one else can in the same way.

The perception of who I am is crucial to my walk with God. As a royal priesthood, I am an embodiment of Beauty, Power and Royalty. I am an epitome of God’s glory. I am created in the very image and likeness of God. All things created, visible and invisible are under my feet.

The nature of royalty as given to me by God must reflect in my appearance and discussion. Thank God for the awesome creative work He has done as He made me who I am!

Meditate:1 Peter 2:9-10

The truth is, no matter how far those pretty feet have wandered, the Father is always ready with open arms to take you back. It’s not too late Princess, return and be restored.

P.S : Author would like to be anonymous.

2 thoughts on “PRODIGAL PRINCESS

  1. Wow.
    This is So heartfelt.
    If we place our identity in materials or societal “relevancies”, when those supports give way or become shaky, we end up hanging on to straw.
    Only in Jesus do we find our real IDENTITY.

    DEAR anonymous writer, I know you’ll read this.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us.

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