It was a beautiful Saturday morning, Laura was excited at the thought of spending the day with her husband and she had carefully picked out the delicacies she was going to prepare all through the day. But first, she had to get the chores done, she sang joyfully as she did her work. She was half way through the chores when her husband woke up and went into the living room to watch Television. Laura got really upset because she had expected him to assist her in getting the chores done. Rather than saying a word, her mood changed, her joy tunes became sigh tunes, her happy face became all rumpled and the more she moaned the longer the chores took. After another two hours, Laura finished the chores and refused talking to her husband, they had a slow and silent weekend. All that she had hoped the weekend would bring fizzled out before her eyes because she couldn’t savour the energy of joy. The cares of the world stole her joy.

‘The Joy of the Lord is my strength.’ Phrase so common, yet fast losing its power. We are presently in a world where the woman is losing the grace in her smile, she is always wearing a frown during chores and the sadness she carries is written all over her face. Even when she finds the strength to sing the tune ‘The joy of the Lord is my strength’ the joy tune is lost in her frown and she easily forgets that a frown weakens quicker than disease, so when she frowns as she goes on, she gets tired easily because the flavor of her work has become a distasteful wrap.

Life can be hard and tough. It may seem like the only way to get through it is to wear a frown. Every turning may appear to be a closed door and every path clouded by heavy darkness. Sometimes you think what it is the essence of it all, why am I here? What’s there to hope for?
When your desires seem like it’s never the will of God.
When all that seemingly brings you joy is everything heaven frowns at. And yet the bible says we should rejoice always.
The sane response to troubles, stress and pain doesn’t necessarily have to be sorrow and sadness. In the divine, there is an exchange therapy called Faith, that’s a topic for another day.

God is divine and you cannot search divinity in humanity. The joy I speak of is not the one that human and materials give it is the one that divinity creates.

Joy is searching answers from above. Joy is seeking solace in the arms of a loving saviour, taking cover in the wings of the creator, finding peace in the boat of the anchor. Joy is hoping on the promises of God. The Bible encourages us to count it all joy when we fall into diverse temptations. You know why we are counting it joy, because in the divine, hoping joyfully is what gives strength to handle it all.

Nehemiah 8:10 says the Joy of the Lord is my strength, this verse is simply telling us that the Lord’s joy is an energy booster. When we are soaked in Gods joy, it doesn’t matter the stress, the weakness, the pain, there’s is a strength from within and that strength is what keeps the engine going.

Yes life can be tough. Deaths come upon us suddenly, loved ones break our hearts in  million pieces, doctors give unexplainable results, our partners get us angry and do not do things we expect all the time, relationships go sour, friendships die, finances rumble, children get involved in very destructive habits. But in the midst of every bad news, we must stay hopeful. One of the secrets to victory is Joy. One of the weapons of warfare that the enemy is yet to conquer is the weapon of joy. There is a strength that comes with joy, it makes you capable of doing the things you never thought you would. It is like been intoxicated. Believers ought to be high on joy 24/7.

If your husband doesn’t notice your sacrifice, smile and point it out in joy, if your children fail to please you, don’t be too quick to wear the scary face, when finances are low, rejoice in the hope of a coming blessing. It is an act of disbelief to always wear a frown and carry a heavy heart immediately when there’s trouble. While I know that there is a time when it is inevitable, there are times when we abuse the ability to wear a frown. Many problems have been solved by a smile, a cheer, a dance, a joyful leap.

Please begin to practise the art of rejoicing. Practise makes perfect. The joytune is easy to learn, you only need to start right now, by smiling, snapping your fingers and shaking your head. The strength to overcome and be better is in the strength that the joy of the divine has made available. That joy is an energizer.

There is something about the Lord’s joy, the energy that comes from it, it is so powerful that it makes even the weakest of soul to leap with excitement when a call for the brave is made. That joy is spiritually contagious,You need get infected.Don’t be the WORRYSICK Frown wearing woman, be the JOYCURE woman.

From a believer to another, all of life is only going to matter when we end it at the feet of Jesus. But the soul that isn’t lost in the troubles of the world but lost in the joy of the Lord is the one with the greatest gain. Get high on JoyNergy.

Written By

Adebisi Olaniyi.

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