Your heart is racing,you are in deep thoughts,you don’t know maybe you should say the truth or you should just lie.Your spirit tells you to say the truth after all it is the truth that will set you free but your flesh screams noooooo. You are torn in because lying is easy but saying the truth is the right thing to do. Am sure every believer has found themselves in this situation before, it might not exactly be about telling a lie to save your neck, it might just be some other sin but am sure we are all faced with temptations from time to time.In my little time of being a believer i have come to learn that there is always a window of escape during every temptation.It might not be there for long but an opportunity always comes up where you have that inner conflict of whether to do it or not.

This is the time when the argument comes in, it all goes on in the mind and it’s a debate between the spirit and the flesh, the soul is the battle field. Let’s take a look at Joseph when Potiphar’s wife was asking for the unthinkable,most likely part of him was screaming yesssss, it will be nice to lay with the master’s wife but another part said “should i do this and sin against God?This is the argument, it’s a debate that goes on in the mind of every child of God and sometimes the spirit wins sometimes sin wins.

However God wants us to live a victorious life where the spirit will always win over sin and flesh. Impossible you will say but we all know that with man things might be impossible but with God all things are possible.The point i am trying to make is that it is possible for us to master sin and not for sin to be our master. The Bible clearly state in the book of Romans that we shall no longer be slaves to sin,so all the everyday yielding to sin and temptations has got to stop(Rom 6:6,6:10). God has called us to a higher walk with him where we don’t stay in the place of asking for forgiveness every time and living under the guilt and weight of sin.I am not saying we should abandon grace and forgiveness but imagine using all the strength you use in asking for forgiveness and grace every time for better exploits for God Rom (6;1-4).The key to winning the argument is not farfetched; it is locked in the word of God.The word of God is the sword of the spirit it is the weapon with which we will win the argument.

It is the word of God that will teach us to say no to every form of ungodliness (Titus 2:11),it is the word of God that will help us see that we have dominion over the devil and he can’t toy with our mind(Rom 6:10),it is the word of God that will help us to see a way of escape out of every temptation (1 Cor 10:13), it is this same word that will help us grow our spirit so that we can always see when he is leading us away from temptations.It is this word of God that will help us know that even when we sin we have a great advocate in heaven in the person of Jesus that is continually interceding for us (1 John 2:1) and so we can ask for forgiveness instead of wallowing in guilt and shame(Rom 8:1).God is calling us to a higher walk with him where sin no longer wins the argument every time and with the help of the Holy Spirit we will surely get there.

Written by:

Yejide Okungbaye

I  am a final year medical student.I love the Lord and I believe that Jesus Christ is the central theme of Christianity.

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