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Recap on Beautified DIVA Series Abuja by Titi Shittu

Recap on Beautified DIVA Series Abuja by Titi Shittu

The very first edition of the Beautified Diva Series in Abuja was all shades of amazinggg!!!

I remember how I had always stalked Funto Ibuoye on her Instagram page, and just hoped that one day it would not be from proximity anymore. I sure did want to be on her team and the opportunity finally came.

After weeks and weeks of organizing and putting things in place for the event (Can I add that Funto is super determined and she just knows how to pull everyone along)….Let me save you the story of my experience working with her and get down to the business of the day.

The event tagged “Step UP, Step OUT, STRETCH” was a time of dining with our KING because we are QUEENS. We started up with an intense worship session, everyone dropping the weights they carried before their maker. Hearts crying out to GOD and laying it all at HIS feet. What a soothing relief it was!

We then went for a tea break/ Selfie session. Here each lady brings her ‘A’ game on in taking selfies and connecting with other divas in the room. This created an atmosphere of serenity. No matter how stressed you’ve been, at least you would not mind taking a selfie..haha

Our first speaker Theodora Ayeni, a woman who carries a virtuous fragrance. She came up boldly to tell her story. At some point I got teary cause I could not just imagine how a woman who sincerely fears the Lord could go through all that from her husband, and still find her bearing.  Now she has come to the realization that all that process and breaking she had to go through has calcified into the super fabulous woman she has become. She spoke on “The Place of GOD”. Some of the points she made are highlighted below:

  • The Place of GOD is that place where you take your mind off earthly things and just dwell in GOD’s presence.
  • The world has made us feel that visibility is all that matters. You might have money, but you’re not happy because you are not in HIS place.
  • If you want to continue being in HIS place, self must die!
  • When HE is breaking you, think about the One million lives he wants to teach from your story.
  • We must not reduce who we are (No compromise). You cannot carry the Holy Spirit and be normal, so when people do not understand you should not be bothered because GOD’s gat you.

Finally it’s not your brain that gives you dominion, it’s the SPIRIT.

The second speaker Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo, also known as COACH E is a Food and Fitness coach. Eziaha is a complete example of a woman who has been STRETCHED into the fullness of GOD. She spoke on the “The ‘S’ Woman”. S STANDS FOR Strong. Here are some things to note from her teaching:

  • If you are going to step up, step out, and stretch, you need to be strong.
  • There are 3 levels of strength;
  1. The Physical strength
  2. The Spiritual strength
  • The Mental strength

The physical which deals with your flesh, and how you keep it under control through effective exercises and diets. The Spiritual which emphasizes your daily work with GOD, keeping a close relationship with HIM. And the mental which refers to you level of investment in knowledge. Empowering yourself through books, and other materials.

  • The word “Stretch” means to be capable of being made longer and wider without tearing or breaking. It means to reach as far as possible.
  • There is a reward to your stretch
  • If you do not discipline your flesh, it would begin to sip into you spiritual and mental side and you will start to experience a decline in those areas.
  • We are on a divine relay, its wonderful when you identify these people you are to do life with
  • You need spiritual muscles. You can mistakenly sound intelligent, nut you cannot mistakenly build spiritual muscles.

Some scriptures on which these points are hinged include; Proverbs 31:15, Mark 1:35, Psalms 32:8

Then our very own Beautified woman Funto Ibuoye took the last session. She spoke on the woman with the issue of blood Mark 5:25-33.She spoke with so much depth. The entire room was silent as she spoke, we could not help but just listen and write as much as you can catch.  She pointed out some distinct attributes about the woman in that story. Then came the rhetorical question:


We learnt that we need to believe in GOD in other for HIM to make us whole. There is so much GOD wants to do for us, in us and through us. He is raising an army, don’t you want to be recruited?

As a daughter of the KING of Kings, we are Queens. Who is a queen?

  • A queen is wise
  • She has earned her serenity not having it bestowed on her but because she has passed her test.
  • She has proved she can hold her kingdom.
  • She cares deeply about something that is bigger than herself.
  • She rules with authentic power

God is not calling you to be the local champion of your corner, HE’s calling you to Step Up, Step Out and Stretch!!!

Next on the programme of events was a musical performance by Blessing Tangba. She is an Afro Folk music artiste.  Her voice pierced through the heart of every diva. Before now I would never have thought I could enjoy that genre of music. But whattt!!!…her performance reformed my opinion.  All eyes focusing on her as she delivered a very believable, spirit lifting piece.

We went for lunch right after Blessing Tangban’s performance and we had a buffet of very delicious and sumptuous meals as we connected with each other.  Right after lunch was a very powerful spoken word session by Bologi. She did two pieces;  the first is titled “I will wait for you” by Jannette IKZ and the other one was about her personal story which was very powerful.  This got a lot of ladies snapping their fingers. It was completely relatable.



This was a frank no holds barred interactive session. Here all the panelists were as real as possible. Some tips we got from the session include:

  • Building you confidence starts from the consciousness of who you are in Christ. Your boldness and courage is hinged on HIM.
  • In a situation where your partner is not matching up to your expectation as regards you purpose, you don’t need to drag him into it. You were the one given the vision. So you need to find your completeness in Christ and let him find you fulfilling your dreams.

A beautified lady asked how do you manage to remain pure when you really love this guy and you are both God’s children? Funto’s answer was you need to understand that GOD comes first and you definitely want to please Him. She made a covenant with God and that made her stay on track. Also having defined boundaries such as not staying in the car alone late at nights, leaving the room door wide open if you must stay alone in a room etc.

Another Diva asked how one can build up mental and Spiritual strength. Eziaha gave an apt answer by saying that in building up mental strength in the area GOD has called you to be, you need to be intentional about it. Stretching into God’s fullness does not just end at speaking in tongues, you also need to be skillful in that area. Follow closely those who have succeeded and are still succeeding in that area. Liking and commenting on their posts on social media should not be all you do. Study them. Analyze them, According to her ‘Stay in their Slip stream. A slip stream is that region most times a given distance from those you look up to so you can closely follow their example

At the end of this session we prayed passionately and exchanged prayer points. So each Diva makes it a point of duty to pray for another Diva.

Having said all these, I hope we are fully set to stretch into God’s fullness and take our world by storm!

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Are you clueless as to what you are truly capable of? You see other people making tremendous success and you admire them from afar as if success is meant for only a few people. Maybe you have even gone to the extent of wishing “If only I can be like her” “If only I can know God like she does,” “If only I can also think of ideas like that.”


Has God placed something in your heart? Maybe an idea to start a project, write a proposal and you are honestly just scared. The thought of doing what he has asked you to do terrifies you because it is waaaaay bigger than you. You are constantly worrying about how you’d manage it all. You don’t think anyone will listen to you or maybe you are just not qualified enough.


You have even made some progress; a little achievement here and there, but now you are coasting along, nothing new, nothing different. You are just operating according to your own frequency and ‘glorying’ in past successes when you have capacity to do more, give more, achieve more.

God is asking you, at whatever level you may be right now to Step Up step Out and Stretch.

The truth is you are capable of so much more than you are delivering presently, enough of low living, tamed visions and dwarfed goals.  God is calling women to stop playing safe and enlarge the place of their tents.

It’s time for you to stretch yourself and cover new grounds.

Join us in Abuja on Saturday October 22, 2016 for a time of fellowship as we ask for hope, faith and strength for the journey ahead.


To register send email to and further details will be sent to you.

Are you ready to STEP UP, STEP OUT and STRETCH?

Are you ready to STEP UP, STEP OUT and STRETCH?


There is nothing more heartbreaking than living life below God’s expectations for you because you want to play safe and be comfortable. It doesn’t make any sense.

A number of us are clueless as to what we are truly capable of. We see other people making tremendous success and we admire from afar. As if success is meant for only a few people. We even go to the extent of wishing “If only I can be like her,” “If only I can know God like she does,” or “If only I can also think of ideas like that.”

Stop it.

Maybe your own situation is different.  You are wallowing deep in habitual sin and it is weighing you down. You seem to be sinking more and more and you know you need help. You can’t achieve much because there’s so much clutter in your life and mind. You are just moving in circles.

It’s time to step out into light and the fullness of all that awaits you in God.

Before you were born, God called you great, everything is ready. All that is missing is You.

Now you don’t stop once you have stepped out. You need to STRETCH. Every time you achieve something new, you should dream again and this time, it should be bigger than before.

Don’t be complacent and remain in one place while you glory in past successes. Enough is enough, you have dwelt too long on this level. There is a higher place, there’s something more.

Stretching is hard and painful, you will be tempted to resist it, but if you don’t give up, the results are amazing.

God is calling you to Step Up, Step Out and Stretch… in your career, family, marriage, ministry, academics, and in your walk with him.

This event is going to be nothing like any we’ve had before, so join us in Abuja.

To register, send an email to and further details will be sent to you.

See you in Abuja!


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