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Good news! My homegirl is pregnant! Though I’m yet to see them- the baby bump and her changing body- her husband mentioned over the phone that she’s adding up pretty fast. Well, that is expected when you are expecting. I recall her complaining to me in the first trimester about the nausea, fatigue and of course, the need to change her wardrobe. It’s so amazing how fast her life has changed since she got married. It’s even more amazing how the arrival of the baby will change everything. And though I’ve never gone through what she’s going through, her experience reminds me of a familiar route we all often travel more than once in our lifetime.

Other things being equal, we all get pregnant at one point or the other in the course of our fellowship with God. Routine intercourse with the Holy Spirit eventually results in divine conceptions since our God is not sterile. In those intimate moments of intimacy, God releases His seed into us as visions, dreams, and ideas for us to nurture and carry to term in our wombs and birth in health to impact our world.Interestingly, you just might be pregnant and not know it yet until the fetus announces itself with some symptoms.

But, what is required of you when you are carrying and expecting the manifestation of such seed?

EatStudyfor Two

Basically, your reading habit and pattern has to change to make provision for the dietary needs of the fetus growing inside you. Not only will you need to increase your portions, you will need to emphasize and deemphasize your intake of certain nutrients, and improve the overall quality of your daily intake to cater for the specific needs of that delicate deposit. You must begin to consciously feed that baby with the quality knowledge of God’s word and healthy and relevant materials and supplements. During this crucial period,you cannot wait to “feel” like studying before you study.You study with a sense of responsibility because the healthy formation and development of your baby and your overall health before, during and after delivery depends on it. You must awaken and stimulate your taste buds for knowledge to grow that vision and get rid of junks and unhealthy information. The health of your baby must influence your choice of what to read, who to listen to, what to feed your mind with. If it’s not going to build the vision/dream/idea and prepare you for delivery, don’t indulge. 

Wardrobe  Association Adjustment

As your mind, intellect, vision, capacity etc. grows bigger in preparation for the big delivery; some relationships just won’t fit anymore. Your favorite associates that aren’t made of stretch material will become too uncomfortable to be around since they can’t keep up with the growth happening to you in you. It is wisdom to adjust your wardrobe lest you choke while forcing them on.

However, be wise to not discard such relationships. Simply keep them elsewhere or find a better use for them while you go for who works for the season you are in. Surround yourself with people who are ready to accommodate your new size and stretch with you since you are bound to get bigger.

Routine Doctor’s Mentor’s Visit

Even if this is your third vision/idea/project, you still need to make a periodic stop at your mentor’s place. It is important that, in such delicate a season, you surround yourself with and make yourself accountable to wise counsel. These trusted guides will help verify the state of health of baby through frequent examination. With this you will prevent and quickly address threats to the baby or you.

Prepare for Arrival

Your preparation should start from the first day you become aware! This baby will change everything and so you must prepare yourself spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, financially and in all ways for its arrival. You’ve got to start saving resources, cleaning up your life, reordering your priorities, establishing and strengthening relevant relationships, building a structure before that baby gets here.

Remember that God comes to us when we are due to conceive, so every baby He gives must be kept and delivered. I’m so excited for my homegirl and I cannot wait to meet our baby! To all certified mums, powerfully pregnant mums,and expectant mums in waiting, physical or spiritual,your seed is a blessing.

Written by

Deborah Adeojo

In Retrospect

In Retrospect


If you were to go back in time, say five, eight years back to sit yourself down and have a conversation with yourself, what would your words express?–boldness wrapped up in depth of wisdom that you have picked up in your growth process or would you share pitiful tales that play out with you as a victim?

Or if you were to write a letter to your ten year old self, what would the letter convey?- Words of assurance of the beauty that lies in life or would you share in the uncertainty you had as a ten year old, giving conviction to the doubts that clouded your mind as a child because you couldn’t outgrow them?

As we journey through life, we get older and for many, a lot gets added to the years not just the numbers,the maturity that comes with age begin to impact on the decisions you are make

It is so amazing how we rise above certain seasons of our lives, look back and realize how far we stand in totally unparalleled paths with the unbridled lane of unpleasant experiences that once stood to define us. There is nothing truly more beautiful than a woman who has risen above set backs, hurt, raging storm of doubt and fear, pressure to give in to complacent life expectations and beyond the borders, sails the turbulent storms of the sea in life.

It does a whole lot of good to relive these tough times and days of gruesome hurdles not to give in to wistfulness but to  add to our memoirs of gratitude. As the past recedes and as the future beckons our present state is tied to how well we’ve overcome the battles we once had to face or how well we’ve learnt the lessons we had to learn in life. When we connect the dots between the situations meant to form us as opposed to the ones that stood to crush us, perhaps we get to appreciate our seasons much more.

All things work together for our good, whether we realise it or not, but from the moment we choose to take a godly-stance with our hearts completely sold out to Him, we sign in to a life long deal of being unbreakable by storms in life; yes there are bound to be storms, but hold on to the assurance of His love, hold on to the vision of being the highest version of yourself every season.

As you travail, birthing your destiny per time, never forget to go back in retrospect to track your progress and give thanks for how far you have gone. That is where true growth lies.

Written By

Olajumoke Afolarin

Fall In Love With Yourself

Fall In Love With Yourself


Some of the toughest questions are the ones we ask ourselves, because many times it is easy to go through life with different masks instead of facing the issues that confront us and are holding us back. We often keep them covered up, pretending everything is okay, we become experts at pretending.

The same way God has put great gifts, talents and potentials deep inside us, that’s exactly how the answers to some of our deepest questions lie on the inside of us. Regular introspection, and self-evaluation should be our wont. We get to discover and unravel layers and layers of ourselves by taking time to ask ourselves core questions.

Be your own best friend. It is said that you have to be friends with yourself because you are always stuck with you every moment of the day. The road map of your journey has already been hidden deep inside you and the course of your life only follows the state of your thinking and you can never think about what has not come to your awareness.

Are you perhaps unaware of the great dimensions of abounding skills and potentials you are capable of honing, because you are yet to go on the sweet voyage of self-discovery?

Are you depriving the world of some beauty and ingenuity because you are not letting the authentic you shine?

The art of being alone with yourself could be tedious initially, but as you begin to unravel layers and layers of yourself, you become irresistible to yourself. As you partner with God to point you to the woman deep inside you, who is fearless enough to accept all that she is and sees only beauty in all that she is yet to be (because after the initially tedious undertaking of self-discovery, the second hardest thing might be learning to fall in love with what you discover), a lot begins to fall in place.

So, take yourself out on a date, be the kind of person you would love to meet, write secret memoirs of your experiences, spend time alone, be your own secret crush, indulge in your guilty pleasure, be in the business of being awesome and most importantly get to know yourself- ask yourself the tough questions to channel where you are now to where you want to be and don’t forget to fall in love with yourself.

Written By

Olajumoke Afolarin






Recently, I’ve been meditating on some specific life issues especially on the subject of leadership. Thankfully, these moments of meditation have been highlighted with quite pictorial and familiar illustrations. One of such that I’ll share with you here speaks to the indispensability of “heat” in the making of the leader.

Interestingly, NOW, everybody wants to lead! Young men and women like never before covet and crave the grace, affluence and influence of older men and women who are established in leadership. This is commendable. In fact, whosoever desires to lead desires an honorable thing. However, it is quite ironic that only a few are prepared to pay the price required. Many simply desire wonderful destinations without the any readiness to go through and endure the rigor of the journey. But we can’t aspire for outstanding results while we wish away the disciplines that birthed them, can we? The truth is clear, nothing great is ever accomplished without an altar of sacrifice where the pain is often commensurate with the gain.

So, let’s take some cues from the poultry on the making of the leader.

In a world where there are many eggs, the leader egg is a different kind from a different bird.  While other eggs, some even from the same kind of bird, will find satisfaction on plates either in wholes, bits or whipped into ingredients in a variety of meals, the leader egg lives for a different mandate- to birth and give life to other eggs. So while others can choose to live as they please, for the leader, meaning in life can only begin when her life is consciously driven not to end with her. But before the “leader egg” can hatch and be raised to birth and give life to other eggs, it must first endure the heat of incubation.

As a leader in training, God will brood on you both directly and under decided authorities till you hatch by exposing you to certain degrees of heat over time. To do this He will confiscate your will, wean you from self, breakdown your defenses, repair your character traits and incorrect ideologies, restrict your movement, slow your pace when and where He deems fit, and then sit on you for the period of time He determines. Most times, He will also bring you into the company of other eggs going through the same process so that through fellowship you may stay in the heat, remain encouraged and hatch about the same time. And even when you hatch, a new process of preparation begins.

Sista, the call to leadership is first a call to self-denial and correct discipleship. It is good that you desire to lead but you must prepare to go through the ‘heat’. The searchlight is on this generation for female leaders who will live out Kingdom-focused leadership in various works of life, deliver outstanding results, shatter gender boundaries, and raise an army of leaders after them. If you sign up, He will gladly do a lasting work through you. But, are you ready for heat?

Written by:

Deborah Adeojo.  Writer, Speaker, Worship leader, Feminist and Communications professional in a romantic relationship with Jesus.


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