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Recently God has been reminding me that the singular most important thing in our Christian walk is a personal relationship with Him.When I say  personal I mean that kind  of one on one relationship when God can call you His friend like He did to Abraham, the type of relationship that God can tell you what is in His Agenda (Gen 18:16),the type where you stay in His presence to worship and study the word just to know Him more.

There are plenty reasons why this is important for you but I will be talking about just one today. Scripture says that in the last days the love of many will wax cold, nations will rise against nations and many false prophets shall arise (Matthew 24:6-12) and I am sure if you are one with the understanding of times like the sons of Issachar you will agree that we are in the last days.

I hear all kinds of doctrines and teachings these days that does not have any scriptural basis in the word of God and I can’t help but weep sometimes. The amazing thing is that Christians are devouring all these falseness and as i was recently asking the lord,the answer why it is so dropped in my spirit.It is majorly because we no longer take time to study the word for ourselves, we are not like the Berean Christians that go back after Paul has taught them to check if what he said was true (a whole Paul the apostle oh) (Acts 17:11) this shows that no man is infallible.

Nowadays we take everything we hear and digest it hook line and sinker;we are quick to forget that the Holy Spirit is our teacher and he will guide us into all truth.We need to get to a point where we know the lord for ourselves not tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine (Eph 4:14).The truth of the matter is that God is yearning to talk to us,he sees the questions and the confusion in our hearts and he really wants to answer them but we need to commit to spending time with him and searching the scriptures, it is only the word of God that is final and steadfast.

Study the word of God with the heart of a child always yearning to understand and know more,as a Lady that loves the lord we should have knowledge about basic doctrines of Christianity like baptism, laying on of hands,resurrection and second coming etc., so that when people start to drop the so called revelation we know that it is not in keeping with the word of God.


You can do character study, chapter study, book study (e.g. study the book of Daniel), get a simpler translation if you need to, just make sure you are studying the word of God to show yourself approved (2 Tim 3:16).Don’t just study because you have a preaching engagement or because you are the one taking bible study,study to know more about your Lord and his ways.The word of God is a compass it guides us it is also a sieve that helps us to separate the wheat from the chaff.





“Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and HisBride(wife) has made herself ready ’’ Revelations 19:7

The Lamb of God is the Bridegroom as illustrated in John 3:29 and we are the bride of Christ growing into perfection.

Jesus gave an illustration in Matthew 22 of the Kingdom of Heaven and likened it to the great wedding feast. Invitation has already been sent out into the world when Christ died on the cross for our sins and all it takes is for you to believe in Him. Many are called but few are chosen because those few responded to the call.

Psalm 45 is a beautiful song that tells us of the bridegroom espousing the church to himself. She is in courtship with him while on earth as she awaits the great marriage feast where she would be with Him forever.

“Never again will you be called “The Forsaken City” or the “Desolate Land”.Your new name will be “The City of God’s delight ” and “The Bride of God”.(Isaiah 62:4 NLT)

How beautiful!

Just as there is the place of knowledge and intimacy between two couples, so also are we called to live a life of intimacy with the King. It is quite obvious that from the Garden of Eden God has always wanted to commune with us. The secret place is the place of communion, the place of investment and discovery, growth unto perfection. He gives direction for every area of your life (Psalm 32:8-9).

Bob Sorge said in his book Secret of the secret place “Intimacy precedes insight and passion precedes purpose.Come to the secret place and then get divine guidance “.

Rev 19:7 b “His Bride hath made herself ready “.

The place of preparation can’t be overlooked because the price of unpreparedness is too great to bear. We need not be like the five foolish virgins that were unprepared(Matthew 25:1-13)despite responding to the call.Notice what Jesus says: “And while they were going away to make the purchase, the bridegroom came, and those who were ready went in with him to the wedding feast; and the door was shut (Matt. 25:10)”. Be at alert, watch and pray for we do not know when He is coming.

We have been created for love and He is the only satisfaction to your heart, nothing else can suffice.

Written By Adeyemo Elizabeth.






Your heart is racing,you are in deep thoughts,you don’t know maybe you should say the truth or you should just lie.Your spirit tells you to say the truth after all it is the truth that will set you free but your flesh screams noooooo. You are torn in because lying is easy but saying the truth is the right thing to do. Am sure every believer has found themselves in this situation before, it might not exactly be about telling a lie to save your neck, it might just be some other sin but am sure we are all faced with temptations from time to time.In my little time of being a believer i have come to learn that there is always a window of escape during every temptation.It might not be there for long but an opportunity always comes up where you have that inner conflict of whether to do it or not.

This is the time when the argument comes in, it all goes on in the mind and it’s a debate between the spirit and the flesh, the soul is the battle field. Let’s take a look at Joseph when Potiphar’s wife was asking for the unthinkable,most likely part of him was screaming yesssss, it will be nice to lay with the master’s wife but another part said “should i do this and sin against God?This is the argument, it’s a debate that goes on in the mind of every child of God and sometimes the spirit wins sometimes sin wins.

However God wants us to live a victorious life where the spirit will always win over sin and flesh. Impossible you will say but we all know that with man things might be impossible but with God all things are possible.The point i am trying to make is that it is possible for us to master sin and not for sin to be our master. The Bible clearly state in the book of Romans that we shall no longer be slaves to sin,so all the everyday yielding to sin and temptations has got to stop(Rom 6:6,6:10). God has called us to a higher walk with him where we don’t stay in the place of asking for forgiveness every time and living under the guilt and weight of sin.I am not saying we should abandon grace and forgiveness but imagine using all the strength you use in asking for forgiveness and grace every time for better exploits for God Rom (6;1-4).The key to winning the argument is not farfetched; it is locked in the word of God.The word of God is the sword of the spirit it is the weapon with which we will win the argument.

It is the word of God that will teach us to say no to every form of ungodliness (Titus 2:11),it is the word of God that will help us see that we have dominion over the devil and he can’t toy with our mind(Rom 6:10),it is the word of God that will help us to see a way of escape out of every temptation (1 Cor 10:13), it is this same word that will help us grow our spirit so that we can always see when he is leading us away from temptations.It is this word of God that will help us know that even when we sin we have a great advocate in heaven in the person of Jesus that is continually interceding for us (1 John 2:1) and so we can ask for forgiveness instead of wallowing in guilt and shame(Rom 8:1).God is calling us to a higher walk with him where sin no longer wins the argument every time and with the help of the Holy Spirit we will surely get there.

Written by:

Yejide Okungbaye

I  am a final year medical student.I love the Lord and I believe that Jesus Christ is the central theme of Christianity.





It was a beautiful Saturday morning, Laura was excited at the thought of spending the day with her husband and she had carefully picked out the delicacies she was going to prepare all through the day. But first, she had to get the chores done, she sang joyfully as she did her work. She was half way through the chores when her husband woke up and went into the living room to watch Television. Laura got really upset because she had expected him to assist her in getting the chores done. Rather than saying a word, her mood changed, her joy tunes became sigh tunes, her happy face became all rumpled and the more she moaned the longer the chores took. After another two hours, Laura finished the chores and refused talking to her husband, they had a slow and silent weekend. All that she had hoped the weekend would bring fizzled out before her eyes because she couldn’t savour the energy of joy. The cares of the world stole her joy.

‘The Joy of the Lord is my strength.’ Phrase so common, yet fast losing its power. We are presently in a world where the woman is losing the grace in her smile, she is always wearing a frown during chores and the sadness she carries is written all over her face. Even when she finds the strength to sing the tune ‘The joy of the Lord is my strength’ the joy tune is lost in her frown and she easily forgets that a frown weakens quicker than disease, so when she frowns as she goes on, she gets tired easily because the flavor of her work has become a distasteful wrap.

Life can be hard and tough. It may seem like the only way to get through it is to wear a frown. Every turning may appear to be a closed door and every path clouded by heavy darkness. Sometimes you think what it is the essence of it all, why am I here? What’s there to hope for?
When your desires seem like it’s never the will of God.
When all that seemingly brings you joy is everything heaven frowns at. And yet the bible says we should rejoice always.
The sane response to troubles, stress and pain doesn’t necessarily have to be sorrow and sadness. In the divine, there is an exchange therapy called Faith, that’s a topic for another day.

God is divine and you cannot search divinity in humanity. The joy I speak of is not the one that human and materials give it is the one that divinity creates.

Joy is searching answers from above. Joy is seeking solace in the arms of a loving saviour, taking cover in the wings of the creator, finding peace in the boat of the anchor. Joy is hoping on the promises of God. The Bible encourages us to count it all joy when we fall into diverse temptations. You know why we are counting it joy, because in the divine, hoping joyfully is what gives strength to handle it all.

Nehemiah 8:10 says the Joy of the Lord is my strength, this verse is simply telling us that the Lord’s joy is an energy booster. When we are soaked in Gods joy, it doesn’t matter the stress, the weakness, the pain, there’s is a strength from within and that strength is what keeps the engine going.

Yes life can be tough. Deaths come upon us suddenly, loved ones break our hearts in  million pieces, doctors give unexplainable results, our partners get us angry and do not do things we expect all the time, relationships go sour, friendships die, finances rumble, children get involved in very destructive habits. But in the midst of every bad news, we must stay hopeful. One of the secrets to victory is Joy. One of the weapons of warfare that the enemy is yet to conquer is the weapon of joy. There is a strength that comes with joy, it makes you capable of doing the things you never thought you would. It is like been intoxicated. Believers ought to be high on joy 24/7.

If your husband doesn’t notice your sacrifice, smile and point it out in joy, if your children fail to please you, don’t be too quick to wear the scary face, when finances are low, rejoice in the hope of a coming blessing. It is an act of disbelief to always wear a frown and carry a heavy heart immediately when there’s trouble. While I know that there is a time when it is inevitable, there are times when we abuse the ability to wear a frown. Many problems have been solved by a smile, a cheer, a dance, a joyful leap.

Please begin to practise the art of rejoicing. Practise makes perfect. The joytune is easy to learn, you only need to start right now, by smiling, snapping your fingers and shaking your head. The strength to overcome and be better is in the strength that the joy of the divine has made available. That joy is an energizer.

There is something about the Lord’s joy, the energy that comes from it, it is so powerful that it makes even the weakest of soul to leap with excitement when a call for the brave is made. That joy is spiritually contagious,You need get infected.Don’t be the WORRYSICK Frown wearing woman, be the JOYCURE woman.

From a believer to another, all of life is only going to matter when we end it at the feet of Jesus. But the soul that isn’t lost in the troubles of the world but lost in the joy of the Lord is the one with the greatest gain. Get high on JoyNergy.

Written By

Adebisi Olaniyi.

                                 IT IS TIME TO BE SINCERE WITH GOD

                                 IT IS TIME TO BE SINCERE WITH GOD


There’s a whole lot going on in life and many times we have our share of life’s drama. We get to a point in life where we face challenges, storms arise, and oceans rage and then it looks like we’re going to sink. We have dark shades in our lives, tears on our pillows and stories we’re not proud to tell. We go out looking well dressed with smiles that could melt a heart, yet we have a lot of things concealed on the inside of us just like we have it concealed on our faces.

We have our pictures portraying a happy child, yet the very core matters that affect us stare at us in the face. We lie to the world that we’re happy which is nothing to debate because you don’t look like what you’re going through but the worst part of it all is that we lie to God even when He obviously knows the tiniest details of our lives, even the ones we seem to have forgotten. Actually there is no point carrying long faces around so the whole world would know that there are issues we’re dealing with but it’s really painful seeing beautiful faces with ugly cases. God wants us to be whole both on the inside and on the outside and the first step to achieving that is being sincere with God.

Being open with God is one thing believers find difficult which is quite baffling. There should be no other person we should be more open to than our maker. Really we find it interesting gisting and chatting with our friends which is really good but it’ll be really better if we convert that energy to talking with God with all openness. Come to think of it, He made us, fashioned us into that very person that we are, He understands everything about us, sometimes which we don’t even understand, that’s why being sincere with Him is really beneficial to us. It really makes no sense hiding from the one who understands you and would go any length to make sure you’re fine. One of the reasons why we find it really difficult opening up to God is that we have not come to understand that God is our friend and we can tell Him about ANYTHING because in actual sense He knows EVERYTHING.

Most of the time when someone finds it difficult to open up to another fellow, they have really not come to trust the person, we ask questions like wouldn’t she tell another person what i just told her?, wouldn’t she think I’m a bad person to have such thoughts on my mind? and a lot of other things we’re scared of because we can’t really trust the person’s heart and actions. If we really believe that our lives belong to God,we must learn to trust God with everything. He loves you too much to take your life for granted.

Sometimes it’s advisable to quit the routine mode of conversation with God and talk to Him like a friend when we find ourselves in challenging situations. Tell him sincerely about that guy you like, that lady you’re jealous of, that friend you’re mad at, God won’t beat you up, He’ll only help you deal with it. There’s too much going on in life not to be a praying lady, praying about anything and everything. Open up! God loves you just the way you are and will never condemn you because “there is therefore now no condemnation to them who are in Christ who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit”.






I don’t know if this happens to everyone but I have noticed that there is this special feeling that comes with making a new friend. You want to always call them, chat and visit. In fact you just always want to be around them.The same thing applies to when you first enter a relationship, the love is on the highest level with emotions raging wild, you always have a lot of things to talk about, you don’t want to offend each other, you always want to be the best for the other person because you are in a love relationship.

Then you get married and all the feelings and emotions seemingly ‘disappear’ that does not mean you leave such marraige. You have to stay and make things interesting again. The truth is that when you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior you entered into a love relationship with Him and for most believers  immediately after salvation, our love for Christ was deep, we always wanted to be in the presence of God, we could spend hours worshiping and praising God. We were just excited about being christians.

The relationship was a new experience and that sometimes came with goose pimples and tears running down your face. That feeling made you know you are in God’s presence but as you grow in Christ, you will learn that God’s presence is not hinged on our feelings and emotions. There will be days when you will enter into your secret place to talk to your Father and you won’t feel anything in fact the only feeling you will feel is not to do it but, because we know that it is not about the way we feel we still go ahead and worship. Our spiritual sense becomes more developed beyond our physical senses or situations around us and we enter into the presence of the father with or without the feelings. There will come a time or the time might be here already when you will not feel like praying, worshiping or studying the word but because you have gotten to a point in that love relationship with the Father where you are not ruled by the physical senses you do it anyway.

The truth of the matter is that we must never allow our love relationship with the Lord to be ruled by feelings and emotions. God is a constant we are the variables and our walk with him cannot be built on our variability. What separates matured Christians from babes is that our love for the Father is based on decisions and not feelings, a decision to always fellowship with him even when everything around us is screaming for us not to.So next time you don’t feel like praying,pray anyways, next time you don’t feel like studying the word please do all you can to study anyways, the next time you raise your hands to worship and your eyes are dry never for once doubt that your worship is not touching the heart of your father. Don’t forget to keep in mind that the Holy Spirit is our ever present help in time of help he will strengthen you.

Written by:

Yejide Okungbaye

I  am a final year medical student.I love the Lord and i believe that Jesus Christ is the central theme of Christianity.


The Girl In Vogue

The Girl In Vogue


I refuse to be the ‘in vogue’ girl,

I refuse to live constantly in sin,

I refuse to take nudity as the new fashion style,

I refuse to cheat on love,

I refuse to be a spare tyre,

I refuse to be another man’s secret,

I refuse to be the reason behind another’s sorrows,

I refuse to be disrespected,

I refuse to judge the pride and dignity of womanhood on the shallow table of physical beauty.

I refuse to sacrifice the bed of marriage on the altar of fornication,

I refuse to be an unworthy bride,

I refuse to be neutral.

I choose to take a side,

I choose to stand for what is right even if I stand alone,

I choose to stand and be a support in time of adversity

I refuse to chop, clean mouth and carry go,

I plan to work hard and long in the way of my goals.

I refuse to be the voice that shuts others down,

I refuse to bully and harass others,

I refuse to see anyone as ordinary because no one truly is.

God sits in the temple of human body so I choose to stand and see God in every one.

I refuse to be a pain and reproach to those who love me.

I refuse to give my children and husband anything short of the best.

I refuse to stand down,

I choose to stand for what I believe even if that makes me unpopular.

I refuse to live a fake life,

I refuse to grace the bed of men for favours,

I refuse to fight against myself,

I refuse to allow inordinate affections becloud my judgement,

I refuse to give anyone permission to abuse me.

I am a voice

I am a people

I am a nation

I am a brand

I am Gods ambassador

I refuse to be anything less

I refuse to be the in vogue girl who just goes with the flow, who is willing to bend standards for the pleasure of the moment.

I refuse to be the in vogue girl who is not willing to make sacrifices to reach her goals, I refuse to be the in vogue girl who is not capable of loving truthfully.

I refuse to be the in vogue girl whose standards are determined by what society says and what the world accepts.

I refuse to be the in vogue kind of girl because I am a daddy’s girl and daddy’s girls have standards, when they fall short of daddy’s standards, they run back into the loving arms of daddy.

Do they give up? NO

Do they stand down? NO

Daddy simply gives strength to carry on and try again.

So yes I would rather be a daddy’s girl than be judged by the ever changing rules of the world.

Written By

Adebisi Olaniyi



His Grace is sufficient

His Grace is sufficient


Someone once said that there is Grace for womanhood and I agree with this a hundred percent. I mean a woman gets to do so many things and play so many roles in a lifetime it’s almost like women are superheroes. A woman is an incubator, an intercessor birthing nations in the place of prayer, she is a line of defense, a being of purpose and so much more. But I have also come to see that in this calling, the woman is never alone. Faithful is He who has given her such a high calling.

Having so much to do every single day, striking a balance gracefully and staying strong can be tough but I have realized that if every woman can begin to focus on the needful thing- fellowship with her Lord and not on the seemingly more important activities of life, she can always find Strength in the place of genuine and consistent intimacy Him. Getting to do it all by your strength is not convenient at all because in this kingdom we live in, we prevail by Grace and not by physical Strength.

A Lord is someone who has sovereign and absolute authority over you. His Word is final over your life and your will is totally His. You are His responsibility and all that concerns you concerns him but only in the place of your total obedience. Jesus not only saved us but became our Lord the very day we surrendered to Him. There is so much Grace that abounds to a woman as she soaks in daily the glory of her Lord in the place of consistent Fellowship. In this place, instructions come to her per time on how to raise godly children, she daily receives insight on how to be a blessing to others, drawing joy everyday from the well of salvation she learns to put one foot after another at the leading of her Lord knowing fully well that He owns her and loves her with an everlasting Love.

God is asking us daily to sit at His feet and learn of Him. Trying to do it all in our own strength is not always convenient. It just as absurd as a branch detaching from the tree and trying to grow all by itself.  Let us come to that understanding that of our own we can do nothing. Why call Him Lord when he has no say in the way your life runs. Give him His rightful place Lady and yield to His prompting in the understanding that you no longer have a will of your own.

Written By

Tolulope Oga


Lessons from moin moin: Don’t rush the process

Lessons from moin moin: Don’t rush the process


One of my favorite bible passages is 1stCor 1:27”But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise;God chose the weak things of the world to shame the wise” because it just points to the fact that God can use anything to teach us,even the most unseemly thing. So one day I was preparing to make Moin moin (beans pudding)  and even though I had been thinking about making it all week there was no time to get all the necessary ingredients I could only start late in the evening because of my busy schedule. While trying to make sure it was ready before my husband came back, i didn’t bother picking the beans I just poured water and decanted the dirt forgetting that stones don’t float in water .I also didn’t have time to buy Bell pepper  (tatase) or Chilli pepper(sumbo) so I just used the scotch bonnet(Rodo) I had at home. By the time I finished grinding the beans, it still looked white like there was no pepper in it so in order to savage the situation i decided to put groundnut oil and palm oil in the raw beans just to give it a little color. Needless to say the outcome was terrible, the two oils refused to mix and the result was a palm oil patched moin moin. The cooked moin moin was filled with stones (remember I dint pick the beans).The moin moin was a disaster according to my standards and as I sat down thinking of the whole situation, the lord started teaching me using my disastrous moin moin as the case study.

  • Allow God to prune you.

There are some things in your life that has to go because with them there God cannot be glorified. Just like how it is important for me to pick the beans before cooking it in order to remove the dirt and stone, it is also important for you to allow the lord prune you. There is no shortcut or “patch patch” with God. In Psalm 139:23 David said search me, God and know my heart, test me and know my anxious thoughts. Let him remove anything that will not give him glory in your life.It could be a particular sin,character flaw or even something you hold dear to your heart but God is telling you to let go. LET GO AND LET GOD. Pruning is never a sweet experience it is always painful but just like gold and silver have to pass through fire to shine you need to allow God remove all the impurities in your life so that you can come out shining. This can be done by the word of God,it is a mirror and it shows you who you truly are and transforms you to who God wants you to be.Sister you need to allow God help you deal with that particular weakness before it becomes your undoing.

  • Don’t compromise God’s standard.    

As you proceed in your journey to fulfill purpose, the world is going to throw things at you and expect you to compromise God’s standard.“Rodo” and “Tatase” are both pepper but they apparently have different functions,you can’t substitute one for the other.The world’s option is never a right substitute for God’s option. Satan is very smart he won’t use big things;he will use subtle things, “little foxes that spoil the vine”.But remember Eph 6:13……and after you have done everything to stand,stand firm….If you don’t stand for something,you will fall for anything. Stand for truth, love, holiness, excellence etc. Get your strength from the presence of God; nothing should take the place of daily fellowship with your Lord. Put on the whole armor of God; don’t be ashamed to stand for the things of God. Good values and morals are crumbling all around us but God is still interested in people that will not succumb to pressure just like the three Hebrew boys.Note that physical strength cannot do this; only an enabling acquired from God’s presence can give you the strength.

  • Be a purebreed christian

There are two types of moin moin, the palm oil type and the groundnut oil type. Mixing kinds of two oil was a terrible idea and this brings me to the last point ; you cannot be lukewarm, its either you are hot or you are cold. There is no in between in the kingdom,no sitting on the fence. Rev 3:15 -16.Take a stand for God, don’t be a two faced Christian.Yes we are in this world but we are not of this world. The instruction is to shine your light in darkness, not blend with the darkness .If you want to be a Christian, be a fire brand Christian, a true child of God that can boldly call God her Lord. Don’t be a mixed breed, be a pure breed Christian.The world is now confused about who a Christian is;please don’t add to the confusion. Make sure you stand out.

In becoming that Lady that will be a sweet fragrance to the world, you have to let God break you and mould you. Remember the woman with the alabaster box;the fragrance didn’t come out until the box was broken.

Written by:

Yejide Okungbaye

I  am a final year medical student.I love the Lord and i believe that Jesus Christ is the central theme of Christianity.

How Fast are you running to God? 

How Fast are you running to God? 



It was late in the evening and I had just finished an examination and I still had another the following day, so I just had to go and prepare for the next examination. I was to go with my friend so we could study together but something really frightening and scary happened on our way to study.

W‎e were being followed by a young man who seemed fierce, we noticed he had a strange look and we could see the trouble signals so we had to quicken our steps. The faster our steps were, the faster he followed behind us and all of a sudden we heard a gunshot which was actually aimed at me, I missed the first bullet. By this time, we stood still and had stopped walking fast, he shot the second time, still aimed at me and I missed the bullet this time again. He was about to shoot the third time but somehow he had issues with the gun and we could see him struggling with the gun. Now we knew that was a good time to run and we took to our heels. I ran so fast I never imagined I could run that fast, we kept on running till we found a place for cover.

Panting so heavily, my friend asked “I never knew you could run that fast, how did you do it? I never knew too, I don’t know how I did it but I knew my life was at stake so my legs moved with the frequency of my knowledge. We remained there for hours silently thanking God for saving us and then we left when we knew it was a safe time to. By the time we got home, reflecting on all that happened, a thought came to my mind, do you know that if you ever consider your spiritual life like that race, you would make‎ a lot of progress?

I had to run that fast because I knew that a slack in the race might lead to my death. My spiritual life is much more important than this physical life. If I have it in mind that everyday I refuse to run I die gradually, I would keep running towards the Father. ‎I ran that fast because it was so real, but more real is our walk with God, more real is my relationship with the Father. As long as I’m alive here on earth and I still have purpose to fulfill, the only death permitted for me to die is death to myself, my flesh and not death to my spirit man. My spirit man should be as alive as Christ is.

And in the real sense, when my relationship with my Lord is sick or not in place, my life is actually at stake. His letters to me tell me that “For in him we live, and move and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring (Acts17:28) and “Without him I can do nothing ” so what’s the point living life without Him or treating Him like an ambulance or emergency unit that only attends to me in times of trouble. If I can’t do anything without Him, there’s no point leaving my house each day because I’m going out to do nothing. Where’s the life without Him? He tells me what to do and what not to do. Some things are pleasing to me but not palatable to Him so I drop them, that’s why He’s my Lord. He tells me what to say and what not to say.

Hebrews12:1 says “Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and run the race that is set before us”. Sometimes we get tired in the race and we feel like giving up, well, thank God it’s a FAITH WALK and not a FEEL WALK and that’s why we also are to run with patience. And in this race, we’re not actually running from a fierce boogyman, he’s running from us. We are running towards God, chasing after God but the less we chase after God, the more this antman that we think is a boogyman chases after us and he makes fun of us because we are warriors running away from an ant.

My relationship with my Lord is of utmost priority to me and should be to every woman because I don’t have a life without Him and I’m so proud to be in a relationship with Him‎. He’s the best thing that has happened to me. One thing I like about God is that He’s a perfect gentleman, He forces himself on no man, it takes two to tango they say, it takes me and the trinity to tango and we are an unbeatable team. Let the Father be Lord over your life.

Written By

Toluwani Eliana

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